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Wireless hand held devices are losing telnet connection when roaming from AP to AP

New Contributor
I have some Motorola hand held devices that we use in our warehouse. My AP's are 7982 Ruckus AP's connected to a Zone Director 1100. I am on the most current version of software.

The clients drop the telnet session when roaming between the AP's I also see a larger amount of roaming between the AP's than there should be. The devices will roam from AP to AP when sitting in the same spot.

I've opened up a case with Ruckus support but am hoping someone might have experienced this or have suggestions while I am waiting for a response.


Valued Contributor
I think it's something similar to this here

New Contributor
Yes. They were one version back from the code we are on but upgraded. I've tried the settings they tried and have had no luck as of yet. I'm tempted to go back to our previous version of code just to fix this problem.

Esteemed Contributor II
Telnet and Remote Desktop are both very time-sensitive applications.
Interference, weak signal strength, packet error rate, retransmissions
are all possible factors that could cause a Telnet based application to
lose session.

Collect an AP support info file, when the client is connected and experiencing
problems, in order to analyze reported radio PHY errors, and client statistics.
Do you have problems in all areas, or certain areas?

I suspect poor connections for application issues.

Esteemed Contributor II
Btw, the decision when to roam is entirely a function of the client radio drivers and
supplicant, using some internal algorithm that looks at interference, SNR, and other

Ruckus can reduce coverage with bss-minrate 5.5 (dropping 1mb/2mb).