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Wireless Controller Recommendation

Contributor III

i have a wireless Project in a Hospital.
Customer needs Guest Access (with Guest Passes) and 802.1x Authentication.
DPSK and Zero-IT are also interessting Features for my customer.
Customer is running a VMware vSphere Cluster.
There are 75 - 90 APs planned (ZF R500).

What Controller is recommended?
ZD3000 or is there maybe a virtual Solution without any Hardware?


Kind Regards

New Contributor III
Hi Marco,

I run the ICT infrastructure for an arts/conference venue which during corporate event our Wi-Fi gets pushed hard. We've got 30 APs, most R600 and currently use a 3000. Although within ZD1100 scope our clients were pushing the network too hard so we upgraded. You just need to review possible number of clients and also WLAN/AP groups across the hospital as APs have limitations. We use c. 8-10 WLANs at any one time all on their own subnet (/22 to /24) and all traffic routed via the ZD. For us with around 850 clients the system works perfectly and changes are easy to deploy. I don't think Ruckus have a hosted based controller. There are Wi-Fi platforms that do but I'm sure that Ruckus would be much more cost effective. Hope this helps.


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Hello Chris,

thanks for your reply.
I think a ZD3000 will be in fact a good choice for me, too.
ZD1200 whould be my prefered Controller if there whould be less APs because i am able to license my APs one by one and not in License Packages.

I am a little scared that ZD3000 will be discounted in a way like the ZD1100.
This was not really good thing for my customers and me.

I saw there is a SmartZone Product Line.
Is this also a possible Controller Solution (e. g. SmartZone 100)?
I read there is no DPSK available. What are the Plans from Ruckus Wireless? DPSK for SmartZone planned? Will be the SmartZone Product line the replacment for the ZoneDirector Product Line?


Kind Regards

The way that Ruckus are moving is towards the SZ platform, as they are slowly merging the ZD platform funtionality, but I cant see the ZD's being marked for EOL just yet as they still have a place in the market in my eyes.

In regards to DPSK, it is a given that this will make its way to the SZ platform, but in terms of timeline I am unsure.

The only real thing that sets the SZ100 apart from the ZD's are the interfaces, of which you get 2 models on the SZ100:
  • 1GE Model: 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 10GE Model: 2 x 10Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
If you are tunnelling your traffic back and your net capacity exceeds 1 Gigabit then you might need a SZ as all you get with the ZD's are 1 Gigabit.

Contributor III

Ok. I will go with ZD because DPSK is an issue.

Kind Regards