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Windows clients sending windows credentials

We're trying a number of options for a space that's almost all "guest" access, and since web portals are awful with HTTPS everywhere, we're trying 802.1x EAP auth to a radius server.

For OS-X, it's been working great.  User picks network, types in their credentials from our partner that runs the radius server, and away they go.  Windows folks though... some connect with no issues.  Others seem to be sending what appear to be their actual windows domain credentials (there are "\\" in the username, etc.) as opposed to sending the email/password that the on-site folks provide them. I am not a windows person, what is this fluke and on the AP side of things, is there any way to prevent this behavior?

RUCKUS Team Member
By default Windows will send domain credentials, if its managed by AD. You can check out this option from LAN connection properties.
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New Contributor
This is not the major problem. I have the similar issue a few months ago.  The option EAP deleted always may be due to antivirus. I have managed this problem with the help of Windows 10 support numberImage_ images_messages_5f91c43b135b77e2479d2ae0_e4097781a5cf2111dea9fca7305b403c_RackMultipart201809287387416yk-1f771378-e3e2-4d84-a9bd-596c5f14aa5a-554718701.png1538128042. You may try this. 

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