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Why my APs are in mesh mode

New Contributor II

Can you help me to understand why I have 2 APs which are MeshAP and eMeshAP (10 others are working fine) ? They are both wire connected and the configuration looks good. We use ZoneDirector.

Any idea where to have a look at ?

Thanks for your help.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Dimitri

Ruckus Access Points send an ARP request out the Ethernet port to the default gateway to determine if the AP is connected by wire or should switch to MESH mode.   Check to make sure the AP has a valid Default Gateway configured (get ipaddr wan) and that the default gateway/router is responding to ARP requests from the AP. 

For more detail on MESH please check the following Knowledge Base articles:

Mesh AP disconnecting and become isolated mesh 

I hope this helps,

Thanks for selecting Ruckus Networks!

New Contributor II
Hi Albert,

Thanks for your help. The gateway is correct, now i need to check about arp requests.

Both links are not working.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Dimitri,

The command I provided is an AP CLI command.  You need to connect to the AP using SSH (port 22) to run AP CLI commands.

If you cannot access the AP - then this may be your problem - you may have network connectivity issues to those AP's so they are only able to connect via MESH.

If the MESH connection is actually working you should still be able to SSH to the AP and run some commands to verify the AP operation.

Some other troubleshooting commands from the AP:

get eth
get ipaddr wan
get netstats eth0 (assumes AP is using eth0/LAN1 as wired connection)
get mesh
get director

I suggest you check the physical connections to the AP, check if there is link integrity LED's on the Ethernet ports and switch ports, check the switch if it detects the AP.

I hope some of these suggestions lead you to a solution.


Contributor III
This sounds like the Mesh and eMesh APs are connected to the same switch and the switch has lost its uplink.  One of the 2 isolated APs meshed to a root AP (one of the 10 on the wired network) and it will show up as a Mesh AP.  The other isolated AP will get its ethernet connection from the Mesh AP (via the switch) and will show up as eMesh.  I suggest checking the uplink on the switch that these 2 APs are connected to.