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When will unleashed support independent configuration of 2.4Ghz and 5GHz SSIDs?

New Contributor III
The standalone firmware supports independent configuration while just about every consumer AP supports independent configuration. When is Ruckus going to add this feature to its $1000 APs?

My Apple devices do not handle the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz sharing the same SSID very well such that throughput is not maximized. I use an 80MHz 5GHz channel for high throughput and a 20MHz 2.4GHz channel for distance. Given the relatively light usage in my enviornment, the correct decision in my environment is to stay on 5GHz as much as possible only go to 2.4GHz when it is clear that a weak 5GHz signal cannot be maintained, but that does not happen. That is why I do things manually with the standalone firmware so that I can manually pick which device will use what band. Now that there is the issue with KRACK, I want to enable the rogue AP containment feature, but it is absent from the standalone firmware while switching to unleashed is going to cause performance problems. 😕