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What is the next step in cloud management?

Contributor II
I'm curioius - I'm not discounting it, just curious what the advantage of cloud management is for wireless vs. unleashed.

Contributor III
Hi Boedillard,

1. Unlimited limitations, you can just add on the APs as much as you like but I don't think that the same could happen with Unleashed.
2. Analytics and reports are something unique to Cloud.
3.Last but not Least Price, you have to pay subscription per year but not with Unleashed.

But, that cannot stop you to switch you to Cloud if you desire to, because I heard they are bringing AI if it is then they may add it to cloud and there is a separate team that is going to handle after sales cases that comes as an added advantage.

It depends on how you want it, everything is same on the background the same vSZ is running on Kubernets (Cloud Tech), but has different GUI and is made available on the platter. 

This is just small gist if you want technical details.

Abilash PR.

Esteemed Contributor II
Good stuff Abi, and you're not even Product Mktg!
Remote management is available for many sites thru our Cloud Wi-Fi, versus local LAN based management with Unleashed.
Also you get (more) SmartZone features with our Cloud Wi-Fi, as that's the platform it's based on, currently around,
while Unleashed is ZD based, ie is from ZD 10.1, is from ZD 10.2, is from ZD 10.3.
So, look and feel with local Unleashed administration is different from your multi-venue view under Cloud Wi-Fi (which will migrate to 5.2).