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Problems with R720, Standalone or Unleashed. Can ́t see it in my network.

New Contributor II
Hi fellow Wifi friends.

I currently have a R700 operating normally in my home network. It is in standalone mode and works great ! 

Then, i thought that i need more 5ghz coverage so i snatched an awesome deal on a R720.

After it arrived, and because it defaults to, i used my trusty USB->Ethernet adapter and configured it (no problems, login just fine and  
updated the firmware to the latest unleashed succesfully).

Unplugged it from the USB adapter and plugged it in my normal network.

Then, the mistery started.

My network simply CAN ́T SEE the R720.

I have a Edgerouter (not using it ́s passive POE) and a Mikrotik switch (not POE) . In the Switch the port isn ́t even active. The port is enabled and was being used by the R500 just fine ! I ́ve tried to 

I use an AXIS 60w POE injector brick that can provide all the power that the R720 can devour, but to no avail, it simply isn ́t there.

But when i go back to the USB adapter it work just fine !

I know that the Mikrotik don ́t support or do LLDP, but this hasn ́t stopped the R700 from working.

Can anyone shed some light/insight ? I am at my wit ́s end here 😞

@Michael Brado