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What is the amount of users for the R510, R610 and R710?

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I would like to know how many users can support the R510, R610 and R710? I know that according to the datasheet each of them support 512 connections, but I'm talking of something real, because I need that the clients have a good access to the Internet, they access to youtube too, and for example an R600 works fine with 75 users but when it has 90 users is really slow the access.

Thanks guys!

Esteemed Contributor II
Have you heard the expression "It depends."?  Yes, it depends on what type of WLANs you're using,
WebAuth/HotSpot with authentication take more resources than simple WPA2-PSK encryption, and
if your clients are all on 5GHz, when some aren't as close and should use 2.4GHz (band balancing)
you're not efficiently using the air waves.  What type of data and how much is the other question?
You said YouTube so streaming data from the Internet, is a lot more resource intensive than simple
text email applications would send/receive, see what I mean?  I really depends on these type factors.
Do you need 1 more AP to keep under 75 users, and is the price worth client satisfaction? (I suggest
troubleshoot first, but I won't not spin my hat to Sales once in a while...)

I know that it depends, but usually you can say a range of users where you can see that it give a good service to the client.
Is for students basically so I'm not using VoIP, so they watch youtube, facebook, search in google, emails, etc.
I have users in both bands.

How many APs, and how many students do you typically have on each?  Do you use a controller
to optimize your channel utilization and facilitate roaming?  I haven't seen a wireless trace of how
much bandwidth is consumed by video streaming apps you mention, or know your overal WAN
capacity, etc.

I'm asking for the amount of users per each model because I don't have any installed yet and I haven't test them, I only have experience in Ruckus with wave 1 not wave 2. And it would be using a controller.