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What is the amount of users for the R510, R610 and R710?

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I would like to know how many users can support the R510, R610 and R710? I know that according to the datasheet each of them support 512 connections, but I'm talking of something real, because I need that the clients have a good access to the Internet, they access to youtube too, and for example an R600 works fine with 75 users but when it has 90 users is really slow the access.

Thanks guys!

You should typically handle 100 clients per AP with no problems, assuming simple encryption and load balancing.
The controller should help to mitigate interference and help optimize channel utilization.  I don't know your building
dimensions or wall construction material, but assume you can have APs at least 50-70 yards apart (typically).  But
of course, only real on site testing can help optimize your design.  Good luck!

Thank you. But do you mean 100 approximately on each model? Because R510 is the one with less capacities.

Product Marketing may cut in any time now to say 512 clients, but realistically, 100-150 clients (with WPA2-PSK)
ought to be able to communicate thru all 3 models of AP... if you have good RF and a big enough Internet WAN,
with no problems.

Ok, thank you so much.