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What is RF pollution in the Performance graphs?

In the ZD when I select an AP to monitor, under Performance there is a graph showing the RF Pollution in history.
What is this value? What unit? How is it calculated? How does it help me?

For example: I have an AP with RF Pollution of 26 whatsicles, that has NoiseFloor of -95, PHY Errors 1042, %Airtime 21.2/0.2/20.0/1.1
And another: RF Pollution 14, NF -105, PHYErr 56, %Airtime 11.9/0.1/8.8/3.0
One more: RF Pollution 2, NF -92, PHYErr 17, %Airtime 1.2/0.0/0.1/1.2

I can't figure out how this RF Pollution relates to the other values, and if I should worry when the value exceeds an unknown number, or just ignore it.

Any help appreciated!

Valued Contributor II (not a perfect article, but should help)

Thanks, that helps a little. If I understand correctly it is useful to compare the performance and throughput vs RF congestion in time, to see if RF pollution might be the problem when experiencing bad performance.

This channel congestion is not related to PHY Errors, busy airtime or noise values, as far as I can tell. Should I interpret RF congestion values as a symptom, where the other values _might_ be the cause?