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What firmware is recommended for R500, R300, H500 on vSCG?

New Contributor II
Our company has been running into repeated issues with each of these AP types and we're hoping to hear from someone who works with these APs regularly.  Generally we use these APs on a vSCG with firmware  Lately, due to guest complaints, we have downgraded many of our sites to and this seems to improve stability so far.  The problems generally include intermittent connection, or devices that will get an IP address but cannot move data through the network, though sometimes restarting the AP solves this.  We work individually with the guest on each complaint but we cannot find any obvious reason for the problems they are experiencing, we just know that downgrading the firmware seems to reduce complaints.

My question is just, has anyone else experienced issues like these?  What firmwares are best for these APs in a high density environment?  
We have confirmed the issues are not with signal or interference; we have heatmaps for the properties and monitor the SNR levels, PHY errors, and other stats but we see no issues.  

We have just over 4000 Ruckus APs deployed on vSCG and about half that in various Zone Directors, but we only ever see this problem on vSCG sites.

So, if anyone else has experience working with any of these APs, what firmware do you use and have you had any problems with them?  Were there any specific settings you had to change in order to get the APs to remain stable?

New Contributor
We are running SZ100 v.3.5.1 and see the same problems with H500 APs: they lose connection to the SZ, and clients lose connectivity. We have about 50 H500 APs, and 3-5 of them get rebooted every day due to the described issue. At the same time, R310 APs connected to the same SZ100 work fine. I guess, H500 has insufficient memory that causes such behaviour, and I currently have no workaround for it.