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WLAN Accesspoint DHCP over VPN

New Contributor II

I have a main office and a branch office connected via VPN.

In the main office I have a ZoneDirector 1112 with several Ruckus R500 Accesspoints in use.

Now i want to install a Ruckus R500 Accesspoint in the branch office.

I configured the firewall, to connect the Branch Accesspoint with the Zonedirector. This works.

But now, i have the problem, that the client gets no IP-Address from the DHCP-Server in the main office.

The DHCP-Server in the main office is in VLAN 1 on 99.999.1 - Subnet. The Zonedirector is in the 99.999.76.-Subnet. On the HP-Switch the VLAN 300 and VLAN 425 are tagged.

On the Zonedirector i have configured a WLAN-Group "Branch_WLAN" and a WLAN "Branch_Test". In the WLAN "Branch_test" i configured the Access VLAN to 425.

But the client don't get a IP from the 99.999.7.-Subnet. What do I wrong?

Thanks for any advise.

Kind regards
Tobias Hanschen

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New Contributor II

Can you advise on the VPN type? If you're trying to use IPSec then broadcast packets aren't supported. You would need to use GRE encapsulated within IPSec.

You will also need an ip helper address


New Contributor II
Hi Dan, 

we have IPSec. Than is that probably the problem. Thank you.

I have rebuild the environment only in the main office with another VLAN and Subnet to test it at the main office, but that does not work too.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c441135b77e2479ed658_1a9e3d9a2c72611b40a85503b4d1febd_RackMultipart201806251034851kd-4e4cce3c-9ba1-4a64-91b4-b90d762bce19-1609002496.jpg1529915994

New Contributor II
Hi Tobias,

Do you have connectivity to the DHCP Server? Can you PING from vlan 200?

Do you have a DHCP IP Helper address on router for this vlan?


New Contributor II
I go over putty per ssh on the Accesspoint. From there I can ping to the DHCP-Server.

Kind regards