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WIFI Speeds

New Contributor II

Working in a 11 Story 200 room Condo Hotel.

Ruckus ZD3000  Version: build 236

58 R700 AP's

AVAYA 4850GTS POE Switches x 2

AT&T Fiber thru a Sonicwall E5500

Speedtest on a local PC Plugged into a port on the 4850GTS 278 down 285 up

Speedtest same PC plugged into a port on a R700 is 79.67 down 124.64 up

Samsung Note 20 Smartphone connect 3 feet away from same R700 (6 clients on AP) connected at 5g 4.0 down and 88 up.

Speedflex from phone to ZD 48 Down 42 up

Speedflex from AP to ZD3050 697 DOwn 1.5 up and other time 31mbps up

Other AP's at different times will have same results or results in the 200's.

I am at a loss.




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @ken_leb 

Do you now the channel bandwidth (40 Mhz \ 80 Mhz) the client connected to? Open the Wifi stats on the mobile and share the Speed negotiated with the AP.

In any case, we might need to verify the client wifi stats and condition when connected to the AP. Also need to check the AP stats for low throughput since the Speed flex is also showing low speed.
Can you please open a support case so that we can check on this?

can I open a support case if not currently under a support plan?

Hello @ken_leb,

Sorry for the inconvenience but without support contract it is not possible to open a case.

Please buy the support for your device and it comes with many other benefits, like access to premium articles, Advanced Replacements* for the hardware failure, 24*7 Support, and many more.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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