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Verizon VZ Navigator Maps wont work or fail very frequently on WiFi

New Contributor
We have 2 R710 APs connected ZD1200 director. Maps don't show up when using Verizon Navigator. Google Maps works perfectly. We are surrounded by multiple rouge devices approx to 120 devices near by our office. i suspect the issue is may be with Overlapping & Co-channels. Request to help me on how to fix the issue.

Esteemed Contributor II
How is "verizon navigator" supposed to talk to a ZoneDirector?  I've not heard of it, so it is likely not supported.
You can ask your local VAR or Ruckus SE to file a Field Request, if you want Product Marketing to consider it.

Esteemed Contributor II
Is it just a Client Application?  If so, does it work better if you are near to an AP?  Could it just be a bad WiFi connection?