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R710 LACP and 200.8.10

New Contributor II
With an R710, it does not appear to be possible to configure LACP in order to create a port channel for the two ethernet ports.

The way one might expect:
ruckus(config-ap)# status-lacp enable
Model r710 doesn't support to configure lacp-state.

ruckus(config-ap)# port-setting
ap_name: r710
The model could not be configured in unleashed.

Without LACP support, how would one make use of the dual ethernet ports as referenced in the data sheet?  Won't debate that there could be the argument of "you'd never saturate a 1Gbps port", but if one has available ports...

The switch is a catalyst providing 802.3at power to the AP and lldp is enabled on the AP and the switch.  Seems the only hurdle is getting LACP enabled on the AP.


Esteemed Contributor II
The references I find say LACP bonding on R710 is supported in ZD 9.12+ and SZ 3.1.1+, but not listed in Unleashed features.
See KBA-3118 for details.