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Using Autodiscovery with ZoneDirector and vSZ on same network

New Contributor III
I hope this is an easy question.

I have a mix of older and newer Ruckus equipment on our network.

I want all my new R610 AP's to auto-discover our new vSZ via a ruckuscontroller.domain.local DNS entry.

However, I also have an older ZoneDirector 1100 on another subnet, mostly with 7962 APs.  I don't want any older series APs to accidentally discover and associate with the vSZ.

Am I right to assume that the newer R-series APs look for "ruckuscontroller" as a DNS entry and the older 7962 and similar vintage APs look for "zonedirector" DNS entries for autodiscovery?

We have a large building, and we will be phasing over from ZD to the vSZ gradually and I don't want to have APs going to the wrong controller during the transition.


Valued Contributor II
well the most easiest in few steps is to configure your ZD to ensure that AP's only know one ZD IP to connect to ZD -- configure - AP - limited ZD discoveryjust fill primary ZD IP as your current ZD IP and for secondary as

Valued Contributor II
btw your concern is genuine however ZF7962 with ZD code joining Vsz highly improbable as for that event to happen... AP has to be knowing Vsz IP and Vsz software code

It all depends.  If SZ has LWAPP2SCG discovery function turned on, AP will auto join the SZ (Assuming it knows the IP of the SZ either via DHCP option 43 sub 3 or DNS, etc.) and the SZ will auto upgrade the AP to SZ code.  However, if SZ code is 3.6.x, then this AP itself would not be supported.  Any supported AP, running ZD code can be auto upgraded to SZ code by the SZ itself.  All the AP needs is to know the IP and for the SZ to be running the LWAPP2SCG script. Since he wants to run both, old and new APs and have them go to their respective controller, his best bet is to set Option43 sub3 with IP of ZD and Option 43 sub 6 with IP of SZ.  This way, ZD APs go to ZD and SZ APs go to SZ.  This happens automatically and no need for AP or SZ or ZD specific config.