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Using 2nd NIC on R600 Unleashed for segregated SSID guest network

New Contributor
I'm wondering if it'd be possible to use the 2nd NIC on my Ruckus unleashed R600 access points to create a special guest SSID that uses a physically separate "guest" network without using VLANS? For our ancillary manufacturing areas, guest devices are consuming a considerable amount of bandwidth on our internal switches so ideally I'd like to setup a second guest network all the way back to my UTM appliance and use our UTM for DHCP on the guest network as well. I was previously told that this was possible from our IT vendor, but after we took the considerable amount of time to run 2nd network cables to each of our access points and install separate switches back to our UTM, our IT Vendor said that following a firmware update on our R600 Unleashed APs that this is no longer possible.

I'm looking for guidance to confirm this and if so, whether we'd be able to utilize the 2nd NIC connected to a separate network if we purchased an AP controller.

If so, what is the cheapest/cost-effective way to do this so our investment in the additional cabling wasn't a complete wasted effort.

Thanks everyone!

Contributor III
AFAIK this has never been possible. The 2nd NIC in the R600 is just a L2 switch port for a wired device it is not linked to the radio's in any way and never has been. Sorry

It would be beneficial for NIC2 use with ISP2 and assigned specific WiFi SSID