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Upgrade the ZD1100 with Zone Flex 7982 this version from

New Contributor II
I try to upgrade to from, the ZD1100 controller can upgrade to, but the Zone Flex 7982 was failure to upgrade to
Then, I prepare to following the upgrade path.
When I find out the 9.7 release version
I cannot find the from official supported website

So, If I try to upgrade to again, I need to download version?
Or I just upgrade to, it can upgrade to
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e0135b77e2478c3cb5_d706d24b6afc4ac67700dfa927f52706_RackMultipart2017121872003pchu-dc6051d7-af79-40eb-b733-6d18877c07e4-2095789898.PNG1513575165

I already try to upgrade to from but I encounter the same situation. The log will show "fail to upgrade" from AP. also includes WPA2 KRACK Vulnerability fixes.

Contributor II
ZF7982 works with, there must be another problem.
i would do a factory reset on the ZF7982 and reconnect to the ZD1100.
if this still don't work, then i would try to install a different firmware on the ZF7982 and give another try.
of course, if you like to go to 9.10.. then you should follow the upgrade path, or you loose your configuration.

The ZD1100 & zf7982 version of firmware is the same one
but it cannot upgrade to Then, the log will show"fail to upgrade".
Image_ images_messages_5f91c477135b77e247aa6348_a708642ada948ba78e7782d05facd225_RackMultipart2017121953781r03p-1d7c74c4-2cf6-4f45-8a81-1ee0cd28a52f-656564074.PNG1513651737
Thank you your idea~
I will try next time.

I agree with Thomas, who suggests factory default of you 7982 AP.
Locate it on the same switch/LAN as your ZD as your trying to get it to upgrade.
APs should install a matching version firmware that they get from the ZD.