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Updates for standalone firmware?

Valued Contributor II
It seems like 9.13 and 9.12 MR3 both reference some AP specific bugfixes / new functionality, but standalone firmware hasn't been updated since last October.

Will there be an update to standalone firmware coming?

Valued Contributor
Hi, John
the standalone version is now starting with 100.x.x.x

They have the same fixes as the 9.x for the ZD.

Kind regards

Valued Contributor II
Understood — however, currently the latest standalone versions posted are 100.2.x for R710 and 100.1.x for all the others.

These seem to substantially predate the 9.12.3 and 9.13 ZD releases by 6+ months and it seems unlikely they contain the same fixes as the latest ZD releases, right?

For example, the 9.12 MR3 release notes reference these three R710 issues resolved that are not referenced in any of the 100.x release notes:

  • Resolved an issue that could lead to kernel panic on R710. [ER-3874]

  • Resolved several issues that could lead to lower than expected performance on R710 compared to R700 due to incorrect handling of power save clients, target hang detection, DFS channel changes, and a beacon stuck issue due to VDEV channel mismatch. [ER-4060]

    • Resolved an issue with lower than expected throughput on R710 on non-DFS channels. [ER-4234] 


New Contributor
Are there any more standalone version firmware updates planned for release?
Last version was released end of 2015, surely there are more improvements that can be made or has development stopped for this device in standalone mode?

ZoneFlex R700 Indoor AP (GA) Software Release 104.0.0 BL7 2016-09-15
Standalone AP Software (Indoor APs) 100.1.0 ZIP 2015-10-21