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Unleashed and point to point connection

New Contributor II
We have a new customer near Toronto that has 2 manufacturing facilities separated by a 75' public alley.  We are looking at using R610 units all around the factory and warehouse and R710 in the office area all running unleashed.

I am looking for advise on how to setup the wireless bridge between the buildings. The remote building has no networking at all currently.  We expect to just need to run a few handheld bar code scanners in this space so there won't be any real strain. 

Do I need to deploy bridging specific hardware like the P300 or can I use a different solution?  In my mind, I think of the P300 as needed for much greater distances.

Tim has good points too, and back to a Site Survey of the distance/fresnel zone/obstructions(even temporary)/type of applications (I forgot but Telnet-based/VoIP that are both sensitive), from the Office in. 

The P300s are designed for Outdoor use too, so can be pole mounted above the alley traffic, but yes, managed in Standalone mode, and providing a "wire in the air" LAN-wise, so APs and users can transverse quickly.  (We can fine tune P300's to find the best throughput channels)

Please consider these in your decisions too.