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Unleashed and point to point connection

New Contributor II
We have a new customer near Toronto that has 2 manufacturing facilities separated by a 75' public alley.  We are looking at using R610 units all around the factory and warehouse and R710 in the office area all running unleashed.

I am looking for advise on how to setup the wireless bridge between the buildings. The remote building has no networking at all currently.  We expect to just need to run a few handheld bar code scanners in this space so there won't be any real strain. 

Do I need to deploy bridging specific hardware like the P300 or can I use a different solution?  In my mind, I think of the P300 as needed for much greater distances.

New Contributor III
HI Bob,

I can put you in touch with the account team in Toronto so you can have a further discussion the project. 

The P300 would be the way to go for a PtP, even at 75'. 

Let me know how we can reach out and i'll make sure you get to speak to someone.


Esteemed Contributor II
It gets cold in Toronto, doesn't it?  

There is a fair to good chance if you have an R610 on your inside wall towards the office (like near a window),
and the R710 on the facing side of office (like near a window), they might Mesh ok, supported by Unleashed.

Other factors would include what kind of auto/truck traffic goes thru the alley, and what kind of communication from the office (VoIP? or just browser/email).

RUCKUS Team Member
You could also use one of the Ruckus outdoor AP's and even use one of the N models with directional higher gain antennas to connect the two buildings using Unleashed MESH.  The advantage of this over P300 point to point links is the entire network will be manageable via the Unleashed Manger.

If you choose MESH interconnect all the AP's in the remote building should show up as E-MAP AP's.

While you could use the new Zero Touch MESH system to configure AP's in the other building, the easiest way is to first connect all AP's on the local network with the Master AP and then move them.  They should all connect up automatically.

By using a PTP link between the buildings you area extending (bridging) the network across the link and it is no different than being on the same lan in both locations so no issue with the radios across the PTP link not being members of the same unleashed group.
Only things to worry about on the PTP link is, can it be blocked by a large vehicle going down the alley so make sure they are up high enough and the cold temps and snow on the radios can be a problem and I have friends in Toronto and it gets cold up there so make sure the radios can handle temps. 
 A lot of the Ubiquiti stuff is only rated to -25F where as the Iigowave and Ruckus PTP radios are rated to -40F and +149 degrees and we have used both of these.  The one thing that still bugs me is that you cannot manage the P300 radios with a controller and probably never will.
At the distance you are going you might be able to get away with meshing across the distance but when you mesh you lose a lot of your performance and the possibility of iffy connectivity.  Better to put in a PTP link on it's own non changing frequency that will not impede on your internal stuff and have the 300+mbps link across to the other bldg.