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Unleashed R500 Locking Up

New Contributor II

I have a new R500 Unleashed AP (all by it's self - no other APs) running the WiFi in my home for testing. The AP has Locked Up on me twice now and just looking for some insight as to why. I looked in the diagnostic menu, but the recent events were limited to after the reboot - is there somewhere else I should look?
It's important for me to know what caused the issue because I am testing Unleashed to use as my primary WiFi brand in Home Automation projects that I deploy to my clients.

The first lock up happened shortly after a large data transfer of 30GB - not sure if that was a cause or not, but there wasn't muck other traffic.
The second happened during a Super Bowl party with a good amount of individual users on the net accessing everything from Facebook, News, Email and Snapchat type stuff from the younger users.

Thanks for any insight...

New Contributor III
Hi Sean,

I will contact you offline.

New Contributor III
Actually, I should let everyone see the process. The only way we will get information after the AP (master) reboots is to pull a debug file immediately after the issue. To pull the debug file go to the Unleashed dashboard and click on “Admin and Services”, then click on “Administer” and then “Diagnostics”. In the window that pops up click on “debug info”. Scroll down and click on “save debug info”. This will generate a debug file. To get ready for the next instance since we are looking for AP info we should select system management, RF management, Access points, 802.11 RF management and client associations. Go ahead and apply now (bottom right in the window). That way if the issue happens again we will be set up to catch additional info.


So now that you have the debug info file (yes there is still a lot of info in there even without the debug components) you can go to the Ruckus support website at Log in and look for the Log Analyzer in the Tools section. Click on that and when the page comes up you can load the file. If the logs go back far enough you should be able to determine what was happening during the time of your AP disconnect issues.


Let me know if you have questions.