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Unleashed R310 AP - Upgrade Needed

New Contributor II
Hi Everyone, 

Need some help .. I have a customer who has a Ruckus Unleashed setup .. 

there are currently 6 x R310 running in there office .. 

One is the "master" the others are members .. I was doing my 6 month updates on them when I ran into this issue .. 

As normal I logged into the "master" ap and went to "admin & services" then to "administration" and clicked on upgrade .. 

Ran the upgrade like always but this time around all but one of the AP's updated .. So now I have one R310 that says "disconnected" and when I click on it there is a box that says it needs to be "upgrade" so i click on the box and select "online upgrade" as I have always done .. 

But it says the firmware version is up to date and will not upgrade this AP .. 

So not to sure on what to do .. 

Any advice ? and thanks for the help .. 

Hi John,

It takes some time for APs to factory reset >> boot >> flash the firmware >> push the configuration, so this is expected in many cases.

I am glad that issue has been fixed.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer

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I am just glad it was something simple .. i never know you could ssh into those .. but i am still new to learning Ruckus .. thanks again for the help ..