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Unleashed: Cannot change 'Model Specific Control' AP Group Setting

New Contributor III
Our AP Group 'Model Specific Control' dropdown list shows R310 even though all our APs are R610 running the same, latest firmware. Changing this dropdown to R610 and clicking 'Finish' does not affect a change... I look back and it still shows R310. This is in either Chrome or Safari latest browsers, on Mojave. 

Contributor II
probably you misunterstand. you choose your model, change the setting and save. 
when you look back it is again on the first.

Hi Thomas, unfortunately not. The dropdown list has a tick against R310. Also, R310 is not the first or last in the list.

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Benjamin, it is ok. Read the post of Thomas again and you will understand it. This is just a dropdown with list of all Unleashed Ruckus APs you can set different settings for different models and save. That's all, what is shown doesn't matter when you open the tab... I agree it is not very intuitive though...

Ok, so when I hit save and go back and see a tick against the WRONG model, I'm supposed to 'know' that my setting were saved and the list is wrong?