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Access point cannot connect to the SZ100

New Contributor
We are deploying a new SZ100 with H320 Access Points, after configuring the SZ100 and set the controller IP into the H320, I found that the APs do not connect to the SZ100. APs and SZ100 are in the same subnet and they can also ping each other. From the Controller event, i do not see any logs which related to the AP registration. Do you have any ideas?

Here is the software version of the AP and controller:
AP Software Version:

Controller version:
Control Plane Software version:
Data Plane Software version:
AP Firmware Version:

Best regards,

Jason NG

New Contributor III
Hello Jason,

The controller version you are running does not support H320 please apply the patch and upgrade the zone to the firmware

The SmartZone new AP Bundle process has been developed to: 

1) allow existing SmartZone controllers to add new AP model support, or 

2) apply important bug fixes before the next Maintenance Release with these built-in.

This new AP Bundle will add H320 model AP support, and important bug fixes to SmartZone (MR1) Controllers.

You must upgrade to this version of vSZ-E or SZ-100, if running previous versions.

After application, connected zone APs will reboot, and come back up on build version.

Refer to release notes SmartZone 3.5.1 (MR1) AP Bundle for H320 (b469) Release Notes


Principal Technical support Engineer