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Unleashed AP - Suddenlty Factory Reset

Contributor III

i have a strange issue which happend two times now.
A few weeks ago Customer told me that two Outdoor-Mesh-APs (T300 Unleashed) are not accessable any more.
We exchanged the APs and Customer shipped the defective APs to me.
I checked the APs. Strange Thing: APs where set to Factory Defaults. There were not defective. After configuring them they worked again without any issues.

Few days ago same issue at this Site but now with two T301s Unleashed.
T301s were not reachable anymore. Customer exchanged the APs and send me the two faulty ones.
After checking the APs, they were Factory Resetted again.

I ask me how the hack the APs can get Factory Resetted by itself?
This APs are mounted at 15m high. Nobody can reach this AP so easily to reset them.
Maybe an consequenz of an thunderstorm? Overload? Can this be possible? Or maybe a wrong grounding?

I don't really have an idea.
Maybe someone else?


thumb up.

Contributor III
200.5 is released but within the Release Notes i don't find any Information about a resolved "Kernel Panic" or "Factory Reset" Issue.
Did i missed something or is the Issue not solved till now?
Please clarify.

Contributor III
Does nobody have a feedback for me?
Anyone tried 200.5 can confirm that Issues are resolved?

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, DevEng has confirmed the the fix for ER-5664 is incorporated in (GA) release
that is posted to the Support portal, and what you get upgraded to via Online Upgrade option.

I've asked Tech-Pubs to update the Release Notes, thanks.
• Resolved an issue that could cause kernel panic in Unleashed APs running release 200.4.