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Unleashed dashboard fails to connect intermitenly

New Contributor
I have upgraded to the Ruckus Unleashed wireless using zoneflex R510's from Cisco Aironet 1200 AG's. I still have about 5 of the cisco AP's online with 3 R510 hooked up. 

I have 1 R510 that keeps showing "disconnected" status in the dashboard when I can get into it. I have replaced it already and checked port settings on the switch its plugged into and everything seems ok. But when I try to check the dashboard it will connect and then I wont be able to click anything and when I refresh it says "connection refused". 

The R510 disconnecting is not the master and I have to reload the page 5-10 times before I can actually get the dashboard back up. and even then after a minute or 2 the dashboard freezes again and says connection refused. Every once in a while when connecting it will also say "rebuilding wireless".

Does anyone have an idea of where I should look? I do not have a physical onsite firewall and all connections are managed through the windows firewall in server 2008R2. I have a wireless controller that manage the cisco AP's.

 I just dont know why it keeps doing this. It makes the wireless very slow and unreliable and i have a PC showing data on a screen outside my office that uses wireless, it is constantly dropping signal and unable to reconnect without me manually renabling the wireless. 

New Contributor III
I have the same issue with a network with R600 an R310, the dashboard fails, it logs me out of the session and when I finally get in to check it appears almost all of the APs disconnected but they are working.

 Ruckus support told me to change my static IP configuration to DHCP, which is weird because in Wise preparation they told to use Static IPs.