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Unleashed AP - Suddenlty Factory Reset

Contributor III

i have a strange issue which happend two times now.
A few weeks ago Customer told me that two Outdoor-Mesh-APs (T300 Unleashed) are not accessable any more.
We exchanged the APs and Customer shipped the defective APs to me.
I checked the APs. Strange Thing: APs where set to Factory Defaults. There were not defective. After configuring them they worked again without any issues.

Few days ago same issue at this Site but now with two T301s Unleashed.
T301s were not reachable anymore. Customer exchanged the APs and send me the two faulty ones.
After checking the APs, they were Factory Resetted again.

I ask me how the hack the APs can get Factory Resetted by itself?
This APs are mounted at 15m high. Nobody can reach this AP so easily to reset them.
Maybe an consequenz of an thunderstorm? Overload? Can this be possible? Or maybe a wrong grounding?

I don't really have an idea.
Maybe someone else?


Valued Contributor
ok. I got it.

You must deploy dhcp server on the network side.

We worked test many times for this symptom.

If a ap which had master role is rebooted due to some reason such as power issue or kernel panic and so on, the ap is factory-reset.

Then the aps have dynamic ap  from dhcp server after rebooting, the ap join to new master and thier config is synced by new master. 

Plz deploy dhcp server.

And this symptom must fix for static environment.


Contributor III
Thanks you for your help.
But i dont get it why a DHCP Server should solve my issue? Also because the problematic AP were never and will never be Master-APs.
Unfortuantelly it is needed that e. g. AP01 has IP and AP02 has

Maybe from Ruckus can say something regarding this issue.
Sporadically resetting Mesh-AP which are mounted 15 Meter high are not really funny. Customer is also upset and i have to look for an 100% Solution to prevent this behaviour.

Such Kind of Device should never loose his config by itself.

DHCP provides the default-router to your APs.  Mesh APs reboot if they lose def-gw access.  The APs do NOT lose configuration unless you factory default them, but you cannot use Static IP to create an Unleashed network with Mesh, you must connect your intended Mesh APs to the LAN in order to get configured before you deploy them in Mesh mode.

Michael, Thanks for your reply.
Yes. For creating a Unleashed Network DHCP is needed. This is true.
But there is also the Option to give an AP a static IP. After setting up everything i think it should not a Problem to work with static IPs.

But think about this in my case:
The Mesh AP has a Switch connected to his LAN Interface. This is needed to provide Network connectivity to some LAN Devices.
Of course it can be possible, that the Mesh-AP has some connectivity issues (Interference, DFS Channel, etc.).

Maybe there is an issue that the AP loosing his Mesh Link (DFS Channel, Interference). After that he can't reach the Default Gateway. AP tries to reach GW over LAN (where only a Switch and some LAN Devices are connected) and can't also reach the GW.
Like you say the AP should/will restart after that because for him it seems there is no GW reachable anymore.

What happends then?
Clears the AP his Config because he want's to re-download it from Master, like Jeronimo says?
If yes, this behaviour is not really good for a Mesh AP. Without Mesh-Link-Information that AP will never be able to reach the Master to get his config.

So i always have to unmount the AP, enable DHCP, connect AP to cabled Network to reach Master and get Mesh-Info, disable DHCP, mount AP back at Pole?

Maybe my case is a little bit special but this are setups which are used in "wild-life".

Hi Marco and Micheal.

At our test, we found that only ap changed role(master ap -> membe ap) worked factory-reset and download config from new master.