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Unable to Enable ChannelFly on 2.4GHz Radio

New Contributor II

I've got an R720 running (Unleashed) and I am looking to enable Channelfly on my 2.4GHz radio. I enable ChannelFly in the GUI and save, when I refresh the auto channel assignment is completely disabled for the 2.4GHz radio. When I run the 'channelfly radio-2.4-mtbc 100' command in the CLI, the command executes successfully but then when I run a show command the auto channel management for the 2.4GHz radio is disabled entirely. Is this a bug in the firmware or is this expected behavior?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Crocodino 
I enabled Channelfly on the GUI and checked the status from the CLI and I can see that the Background is disabled and Channelfly is enabled.


Can you share some screen shot of what you are getting so that I can cross verify?