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Ubiquiti battle card

New Contributor II
We have 2 different proposals where the end customer is also considering Ubiquiti solutions.  Both are small manufacturing sites that are less than 100,000 sq.ft.  I have been trying to find a Ruckus battle card to help inspire these customer to choose Ruckus.

Cost is an issue in both cases.  I need to validate the higher cost.  We would be looking at 4-6 R500 and a ZD1200.  User counts will be a low (20-30) and half of them will be bar code scanners.

Support on the Ubiquiti was always an easy difference.  What about other technical details.

We also have never used Unleashed.  I assume this would be a good use case.

New Contributor
Unleashed will be more appealing as it does not require the Zone Director and has built it redundancy. Now Unleashed does have some missing Wi-Fi advanced capabilities when compared to the zone director vs unleashed so I recommend reviewing this before committing to unleashed. What I can say is that with the Ubiquiti AP's (which by the way are great AP's) you will require more AP's installed where with Ruckus R500 you will require less to cover the same square footage. Also, Ruckus is more resilient to interference with the Beamflex and BeamForming technology when compared to omni-directional antennas. There is also a price difference between Unleashed Cloud or On site only option. For the amount of AP's and devices Unleashed would be a great option. I hope this helps.

For that amount of AP's and users, just go for unleashed

Contributor II
Hi Bob,

Sounds like a nice fit for Unleashed.  I would rather you go with Unleashed R510 instead of R500.

I would like to discuss with you offline regarding this deal to understand more. Can you pl contact me at '' or