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Tweaking 7962 for 9.8 zone director

New Contributor
I recently saw a notice saying we need to tweak the 7962 ap if we are running on 9.8 or higher, which I am. I upgraded to fix another problem without being aware of this. The pdf says turn off services, etc. but are there any instructions on how to do this, is this by ap or overall?

New Contributor III
It'll be overall, if you're running these on a ZD, you want to go under "Config > WIPS or Config > Services" - these will generally be the locations where you'll need to follow Ruckus instructions to lower or disable certain services that reduce memory load on the APs.

Esteemed Contributor II
Its good practice in general, to reduce/limit the number of WLANs advertised, use VLANs to segment client traffic (to reduce broadcast/multicast domains), and avoid using WPA with TKIP/Auto and go with WPA2/AES on your 802.1x or PSK WLANs.