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Transmit Power Settings

New Contributor

I have several Ruckus access points that i use for APoaS surveys. When setting these up for a survey I must manually set the transmit power on both bands. I have a R550 that is set up correctly and working fine. However when i try to set the transmit power settings on my H550 or my T350c it does not change. I go to the transmit power setting and set it to for example -6dB and then select Update settings and it does not set and reverts back to -1dB and will not change. Any ideas?


RUCKUS Team Member

hello @bobbyrboyd 

Please confirm if you are managing the APs via SmartZone controller/Unleashed/ZD/Standalone mode ?

You can configure the transmit power on the APs individually at the AP level for H550/T350c or create a new AP group for H550/T350c and change the power at AP group level.


It is in stand alone mode and not in a SmartZone or part of any network. I found that this is a known bug with firmware version 116. I had to update all of my access points to version 118. This resolved the issue. This issue is not noticed as much as it is only noticed in stand alone mode. When they are part of a network everything gets updated there.