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Througput issue on iPhone Xs only 100 Mbps

New Contributor

Hi all, i've R710 running using ZD3000 build 120, while testing using a laptop we got 300 Mbps upload & download for, but when do speedtest using iphone SX we got only 100 Mbps, it's Saudi Arabia Royal Family using the wifi network and they wanted to have 300 Mbps connection at their Iphone SX as well, is there anyone have any experience using iphone SX and get 300 Mbps download/upload speedtest ?


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Hi Lambok,

I have been in same situation, but here are my cents;

1.The first and foremost thing is to understand and study client capabilities.

2.Understand what chains the client radio supports and calculate it's maximum supported speed against MCS index.

3.When you use above steps you would be able to isolate the issue and tune your WiFi.

4.Check for interference, if feasible move to 5Ghz and use 80Mhz Channel bandwidth ( if lucky).

5.Enable Proxy ARP, use as DNS server.

This should bring some smile on them, there should be other ways too, I will follow this question, coz there are some guys who follows this who never fails to amaze with their Tshoot skills.

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I looked to see if there is a WFA certificate for this device but could not find it.  It is a 2x2 802.11ac client but I did not see what channel width is supported.  it may be only 40MHz which limits the theoretical max.
The laptop likely supports more streams or higher width.  You should check and see what the AP is set to on channel width.  R710 supports up to 80MHz channels, but normally 20/40 are most common.  Maybe in a Royal Home they can use wider channels without interference though!

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Hi Lambok,

I have an iPhone XS Max and a Ruckus R730 access point with 200Mbps internet connectivity.  I just speed-tested my iPhone and got 200Mbps download speed.  So this phone is certainly capable of higher througput.

However as mentioned by Sandeep and Abi there are MANY variables at play in a Wi-Fi network that can degrade performance and clients can be impacted very differently.  For example; a laptop will (generally speaking) have a higher perormance NIC (Network Interface Card) and a more powerful transmitter and a higher-gain antenna - all afforded by it's greater size.

You need to ensure the wireless network is configured correctly for the environment and the desired performance.  Also remember the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies (usually) provide very different levels of performance and depending on the environment, the iPhone may prefer the 2.4GHz network, which will (usually) give lower performance than 5GHz.

You can use the Ruckus Speedflex App on iOS devices to test throughput between the device and the wireless network - simply specify the Ruckus AP as the 'Destination Address' in the app. I just tested my iPhone XS Max and got a througput of 398Mbps download and 241Mbps upload.  But bear in mind the R730 AP is an extraordinarily high performance AP.

My recommendation would be to seek the advice of a Ruckus specialist wireless expert.

Best regards,

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