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The ethernet interface configuration on our Ruckus r610 keeps resetting.

New Contributor
We have a Ruckus r610 with the latest unleashed firmware.  After SSHing into it, I used command:

set interface eth0 type general untag none vlans 1,3

VLAN 1 is for access and VLAN 3 is our guest network.  This setup works for around 2 weeks, then out of nowhere, I can't access the AP without setting VLAN 1 to untagged on the switch that the AP is hooked up to.  I check the interfaces and see:

eth0      WAN     Vlan-Trunk      1      1-4094 

which is the default setting.  I have to run the set interface command again to get it working again.

I know I'm missing something, I just don't know what.

Contributor III
Have you tried the newest one that just got released on Friday?

New Contributor
I upgraded to the latest release and had no issues for over a month, then suddenly yesterday it happened again.