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Testing AP performance - speedflex questions

New Contributor II

I have three APs - 720, 720, 710. They all are running POE and are configured as mesh even though they have ethernet connections. I have a number of questions:

- if I run AP-AP speedflex will I get a result that is via ethernet or wireless? currently I only see ~320 up and down with this test. I'm concerned that I have a wiring issue since I'm getting such low performance. 

- I'm considering moving to 1-2 R750s and some 350s at the edge. Should this switch to 802.11ax improve performance? What's the expected AP to client performance with 802.11ax?

- I understand that problems with POE can produce lower than maximum transmit power. What transmit should I see? I'm not getting alerts.

- What's the maximum throughput from AP to client that I should expect? I can't get better than ~320 on 5G.

- Often I see it recommended to separate the SSIDs for 2.4 and 5Ghz. Will that improve performance for the Ruckus devices or is it unnecessary. 

Thanks for the help.




New Contributor III

The performance shouldn't be degraded.

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