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T310D not joining cloud

New Contributor

I'm a network engineer currently working with demo Ruckus gear to evaluate it for our environment.  We received two T310D APs for this trial, and I'm having problems with one of them.  They are both connected to a PoE switch, and while the first one joined our trial cloud dashboard seamlessly, I cannot get the second one to connect.  I have tried poking around in the CLI to see if I can find a difference in the settings between the two APs, but have not had much luck on that front.  I've also performed factory resets on the problematic AP, both through CLI and physical hard resets, but it still will not connect to the cloud. 

Am I missing something here?  Is it possible that this problematic demo AP has the wrong software on it or something, or is this just some kind of configuration problem?  Please advise, as I'd love to get it up and running so we can deploy them for our assessment before the trial period is over.


@brian_powers Ok, I have changed the code to and rebooted, is there anything else I need to do to get it to join the cloud for management?  It's been about 15 minutes at this point and the cloud still shows a status of "Never contacted cloud" for this device.

Hi Nick,

Just to confirm, an AP will definitely not join Ruckus Cloud when running Unleashed firmware, so it's good that you've loaded the standalone code on to it.

However 108 is quite old code and I'm not sure it will be Cloud-Ready (it's 2017/2018). I would recommend performing a factory reset then installing 114 code and you should be good to go. You don't need to do anything other than have the AP serial number in the Cloud interface.



@darrel_rhodes Thanks for the insight, I'm working to upgrade code to now, will update status once that is complete.

Valued Contributor II

I suppose you have 2 cloud licenses, not just 1? Sometimes missing license may be a reason...

And you definitely need current standalone firmware to add AP to cloud. Probably second Ap you got was used for Unleashed demonstration, when the first was new   with standalone firmware.