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Support Process?

New Contributor III
I've been extremely frustrated with guest wifi setup - all the docs I can find and the scattered forum posts seem to reference a world before all browsers started doing strict https certificate checks. All I want is to offer the same experience I see in national chains (Starbucks, Panera, etc.) and there's not a single up-to-date FAQ or anything here.

So I decided to open a support ticket (first one ever). My day is busy - I may or may not be available at various times, I'm a freelancer working with multiple clients.  Here's everything that is annoying me about the process.  Am I doing this wrong?

  • Even though I'm signed in here when opening the ticket, I have to wait some period of time for a support agent to respond and then collect info that's already available (who am I, what's my number, what product, what serial # - this is IN MY PROFILE).
  • My question is simple - setup guest wifi w/radius auth, what is best current practice for this on Ruckus. I don't need a call, I just need a pointer to a HOWTO or if there isn't one, an email response outlining what you tell the other other customers that want guest wifi w/radius auth setup.  I'll make my config match whatever you want and then we'll go from there
  • Instead, I get an email back demanding a call. I hate the phone, I will choose text or email always. Also I can't promise I'll be available at any particular time (again, don't have to do that with email).  So I pick a range of times. I'm outside when a call w/o caller ID comes through, and I missed my chance by the time I notice there's a missed call, possibly from Ruckus.
  • Later I get an email that I've missed a call so I give another block of time.  This time the support agent ignores the phone # in the ticket, ignores the phone # in my profile, and calls the main number of the client.  They have no idea what he's talking about.  So I miss another call.  The support agent calls after the window at the correct number and I'm not here.
  • This I guess gives them license to just dump this back on me and I've not heard anything since.
Is this basically how support works?  A phone call for a simple "how to XYX" seems crazy, esp. when we're dealing with what I assume is offshore support.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Charles,

   I've been a customer and in tech support, and I prefer email over phone calls too (as a customer).
As a TSE, I also prefer to have a chance to research the topic, and would probably send an email,
unless the customer asks for phone contact primarily.  I think our guys in your case were assuming
the quickest way to get in touch was the phone.  Did you say/ask that they contact you back by
email after opening your ticket?  But all that aside, still not a good experience so far, and I hope I
can help.

  I try to help customers find their own solutions (hopefully), and you mention you had found articles
and previous forum posts. I used our Support portal search bar with 'https webauth' and sorted thru
the articles about accessing a ZoneDirector or config on a SmartZone controller (I'm assuming you
have a ZD), and I found a couple KBAs that describe some issues, and about how ZD 9.13 may have
support or a CLI command workaround.

Is HTTPS protocol for Guest Access login page, introduced in ZD 9.13 optional?

   But... a Guest Access WLAN can only authenticate via a Guest Pass, or None (just pass-thru to
the optional Terms & Conditions, else go straight to their browser homepage).

  With regard to using a RADIUS server to authenticate guests for Wi-Fi, you need to consider a
WISPr/HotSpot authentication WLAN. This solution requires that you have an external AAA server,
and can setup a Login.html file on it to point user authentication to.  This file outlines the WISPr
authentication flow (ignore the Ruckus Confidential footer, its public now!).

   And here is an article with a helpful Tech Note attached on how to configure secure HotSpots
on a ZoneDirector.

   If you wanted to use the ZD's database instead of an AAA server, it can host the Login.html file.

   These are old version docs, but not a lot has changed on the ZD configuration side.  I hope that
they provide some helpful reference as you build your guest wi-fi solution.

New Contributor
Hi Charles,

We are looking into the issue & Manoj Samuel from Support will be reaching you for further assistance. 


Vinod Gangadharan

Manager, Technical Support

Contributor III
MAC auth with pretty pages (like Panera, Starbucks) is made very simple using Ruckus alongside their Cloudpath offering. We use it and it's fantastic.

New Contributor
Hello Charles,

I have answered all your queries regarding WISPr workflow and Unleashed AP configuration.

Feel free to contact me for further assistance.

Manoj Samuel.