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Some questions on my network plan before I buy the Ruckus ZD and APs...

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Hi there. Please see my attached network plan (sorry this is messy). I have highlighted in pink the components that are already in place (or I already own/have ordered). 

I have no experience with Zone Directors and want to know my plan raises any compatibility issues due to:
  • I am intending to use this with a CISCO small business firewall router (which also provides wifi to my basement)
  • I already have a bunch of Ethernet wired devices running off a CISCO small business 24 port Ethernet switch.
I want to keep these CISCO components if possible as they are the only network components that have proved reliable.

My existing internal APs are currently "Amped" and each have have three 50cm antennae which is the only way they can reach the outdoor wifi IP security cams.  I am replacing them as they are really unreliable and sometimes disconnect WIFI clients.  I intend to go with 4 internal Ruckus Zoneflex APs at first and, if I can't reach my outdoor wifi IP security cams, then I will go to my "Phase 2" plan and add external APs.

Sorry, some other basic questions:

  • Would I be better to use some outdoor Ruckus APs inside my house, because the outdoor APs can take external antennae and may be able to reach my external IP cams more effectively.
  • My ZD 1200 comes with 5 free licences which last a year. I understand that if my system is stable I don't need to pay to renew the licence and will just forego updates.  Would this be the case if I buy a 6th licence, or would I be compelled to renew licence 6 each year?.
  • Someone advised me against the X10 range and suggested I go with the 700 instead - what would you advise?  Both are within budget.  Is the 700 better at roaming between zones?  Would there be a difference in range (important to me as my house is built of reinforced concrete which results in a huge amount of WIFI signal attenuation.
  • Finally, I assume I need the regular Zoneflex R710s, not the unleashed ones.
Many thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions. Feel free to laugh at me if I'm asking stupid questions!!

Contributor II
Really helpful Diego thank you.  I used to know something about networking but have never used a ZD or PoE so I'm playing a little bit of catch up here.

I'm almost ready to buy but have three really basic questions remaining:

1.  I can get R710s on eBay for around $400 or less which is fine for me.  The R710 looks like it can just sit on a surface without being ceiling mounted.  Is this the case?   There's absolutely no way my wife would allow me to start ceiling mounting APs or running wires around the place.
2.  I assume "unleashed" means Ruckus APs that work without ZD and regular ZoneFlex APs work with the ZD, right?  Just want to make sure I 100% buy the right unit.
3. My 24 way switch is a Cisco SG92-94 and its in my server cupboard in a spare bedroom in my basement. There are some fairly long cable runs around the house but I think all within the PoE 100m limit.  Sorry I have never used PoE before, are there quite (fanless) 24 way switches available that have PoE sufficient to run all of my multiple devices?  I wasn't going to change the switch as it was expensive and it's been 100% reliable, but maybe that's easier than having numerous power supplies or PoE injectors around the place. Has to be quiet as it's right next to the bed in our spare bedroom and my wife wouldn't allow anything noisy.  The technical data says this was released in 2012, but I'm sure I put it in a year or two earlier than this.  Perhaps after 10 years I should be upgrading anyway.

Many thanks in advance you have been so helpful!

Contributor III
For fanless Poe ruckus makes the 7150c12 which should have plenty of power for your needs. Tplink has an 8-port Poe fanless option as well as well as a few others but ideally you want 802.11at (Poe+, up to 30W per port) . I saw one on eBay for around 225 usd (used)

Unleashed is just an AP that runs the controller (a "zone director light" of sorts). It's quite handy but if you already have the ZD then you don't need it.

The AP below is the H510 that can be mounted flush over an wall box and gives you 4 local ports)
Image_ images_messages_5f91c45d135b77e247a47ad9_21faf4a7c987b446cc4874aa80327690_RackMultipart2020041494334alug-54e344ec-34d0-4a4b-a71d-efb360ce487d-1145823018.jpeg1586889088

(If you go for the H series don't buy the H500 as it's end of life. But there are a few H510 on eBay for around 100 usd. )

The r series can be laid flat but will send signal "up" which is not the ideal direction. It's not meant to be a tabletop model although for a single room it will be more than enough.

Right now, on eBay, you can find r500 aps for around 60 usd which is a steal to be honest. Those APs also have 1 passthrough port so you don't lose the jack you already have.

You can keep two switches so you get a smaller Poe and keep your 24port non Poe.

Poe is pretty much plug and play unless your cabling is a complete disaster.

Good luck!

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Diego thanks so much.  This is all really helpful.  I may go more ports on the PoE+ switch as the world seems to be moving in this direction and future devices are all likely to be PoE.  I like the idea of going all Ruckus as everyone speaks highly of this and I have found that if you stick to one manufacturer on a network you get less issues.  The big switches seem to be managed - I'm hoping this won't interfere with the ZD - I probably need to understand what the managed switch actually does.  If I need help on the switch I will probably start a new thread.  Think this is the last thing I need to resolve.  Thanks again!

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Think I just found the answer.  One 12 port Ruckus fanless switch for now and I can always add another later.  These look to be plug n play.  I now have to go around the house and work out which Ethernet port is connected to which switch number!!  Have been putting this off for years haha.  Thanks again Diego for the patient advice.