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SmartZone100 firmware /Ruckus ZoneFlex 700 firmware

New Contributor
SmartZone100 is unstable after upgrade with firmware, Its always down once in a while. Any other solution on this issue? It is a firmware issue on SmartZone100? or on Ruckus AP?

New Contributor II
Yes , we also have issues with SmartZone100 and firmware

1. We lost one Smarzone in a cluster configuration, received an RMA but has the same problem.
2. Clients gets an APIPA address, solution reboot the AP
3. We use WePresent screens (wired) and after the upgrade the connectio to the screens is very slow and sometimes clients get disconnected.

We are in contact with Ruckus support and have 3 open cases.

Esteemed Contributor II
Rommel, you too need to contact Technical Support to determine your issue please.