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SmartZone Per-User Shape

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We have virtual SmartZone, version is and I would like to apply per-user shape and not sure how I can do it. In setting I found one place where it should be:


I tried to apply L3 Access Policy but it didn't shape traffic. 

How I can apply shape per user? 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @irakli_gvishian,

Greetings for the day.

Yes, Currently we do not have the option to limit the user based on the usage limit but WLAN configuration has an option where the uplink/downlink bandwidth can be configured. But this is common for all the users connecting to that WLAN.

SmartZone 6.1.1 (LT-GA) Traffic Management Guide (SZ300-vSZ-H): 

SmartZone 6.1.1 (LT-GA) WLAN Management Guide (SZ300-vSZ-H): 

We have Up-link/Down-link rate/speed limiting option available and can be achieved in the below 2 ways:-

  1. SSID Rate Limiting: 

2. UTP (UserTaffic Profile): 




Limitations When Applying Role Policies to Users:

User traffic profiles are configured with various policies (such as rate limiting), so when a profile is applied to a WLAN, the policies in the profile are applied to all the UEs in the WLAN. The policies can also be applied to a user role in a WLAN, but not all the policies defined in the profile are applied to the role.



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If you are looking specifically which can be achieved in the Radius method:

In the RADIUS attributes method, each policy (such a rate-limiting or user traffic profile) has a unique RADIUS attribute. Therefore,
specifying the RADIUS attribute for a policy overrides all other forms of the controller policy. For example, if a UE is already assigned.

Let me know if this helps answer your query.



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Thanks @Syed for reply, it's strange because we have very old virtual smartzone (version is 3.4) in different location and there we can do per-user rate limit...