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Should the ZD hand clients to a neighbouring access point when the client limit is hit?

New Contributor II
Hi, we've recently had to store a lot of iPads in our office and the 7372 AP we have is hitting it's 100 client limit at the end of the day when they all get returned to us.

This prevents our own laptops and phones from connecting.

There is another access point in the room next door, and our AP reports seeing 77% signal strength from it.

Shouldn't the ZD be allowing clients to connect to this access point instead if ours is full?

Esteemed Contributor II
Re-reading your initial question Ben, is there any reason that iPads being returned
at the end of the day are not turned off (so they don't connect to your local APs)?

Depending on your WLAN authentication scheme(s), 7372 model APs can support
up to 100 AES encrypted or 250 open auth clients, per radio. The individual WLANs
advanced options default to 100 Max Clients, as Gary mentions. If the iPads are all
auto-connecting to a client limited WLAN, they could consume these 100 per radio

New Contributor II
I have now upped the limit to 200 connections (100 per radio) on the 7372, I didn't know previously that there are 2 places to set this on the ZD. Our reseller pointed this out.

This does of course slow the connection speed during busy times like when we deploy an app to them all, but we could get another AP just for them so it doesn't affect our own phones or laptops.

They are often on to save time, or to deploy apps, or sometimes only a few are out at a time.