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Setting up a internet only guest network on R610

New Contributor II
We purchased an R610 Zoneflex indoor AP for a skating rink to provide both internet only access for our members and internet and office access for our staff.  I'm new to Ruckus devices, I like the performance so far, it seems great.  But what I need to do is add the isolated network for just the members.  Can I do that directly on the device?  Do we need something else, other software, vlans on a switch?  We are only using the FIOS gateway router as a firewall.  Can I use the "Local Subnets" on the 610 to do this?

Contributor III
Does your Fios Gateway support Vlans? if not buy a small Vlan Aware switch and possibly a router with multiple interfaces (not just a router with a multiport switch built in). Ising subnets would potentially allow for a client to "jump" subnets or snoop data via Wireshark.

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To separate the client traffic, you do need 2 separate VLANs on a switch (and a router as def-gw).
You can define two SSIDs on a Standalone model AP, and specify different VLANs.
The internal Local Subnet, allows your AP to provide part or all of a DHCP scope to your wireless users on that SSID.
Be sure you match the VLAN to the one you intend that SSID to use.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Or you can opt/Purchase Unleashed, which will solve your issues without having different VLANs.

Unleashed supports Guest WLAN, which by default isolate guest clients on the network, from rest of the network.
Unleashed in Gateway mode can also act as DHCP server so you do not need to worry about configuring DHCP on router/firewall.

To know more about Unleashed, please refer

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New Contributor II
Can I add the unleashed to an SP we have already purchased?  How would I go about doing that?