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New to Ruckus - using several 7782's with my own router and switch?

New Contributor II
Hi folks,
I am brand new to Ruckus.  We were gifted several of the 7782 APs (we have 6).  I am setting up a network with a router and a PoE switch.  We will have several vlans, and we want to set up one of the lans as a guest wireless.  Am I able to use the 7782 APs on their own on a single vlan without any other Ruckus equipment, or are we required to also have tthe zonedirector controller?  Thank you for answering this newbie question!  

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Joel,

You can setup Guest WLAN on a standalone AP without having a ZD. Refer to this KBA for details:


Hi-thanks for the quick reply.  When I click that link I get an error "sorry, something went wrong".

Hi Joel, I've checked the link provided by Ankush and it works ok.  I'd recommend setting up an account on first, then giving it a try.

Also, whilst you don't have to have a ZoneDirector - for a network of 6 APs and more than basic functionality, it will make your life a lot easier!

Personally I'd try to see if I could get my hands on a used ZD1100 or ZD1200, it will make configuration and monitoring of the network much easier. And I always found ZD code provided better performance than stand-alone code.


Hi.  I am logged in to the support site.  When I click the link I get this: Image_ images_messages_5f91c483135b77e247ac7fa1_3894d69aa1fdeffe7589e6d6885590c1_RackMultipart20191219122434z5v-d3e17458-f86b-49db-b341-747c5453e791-902654968.png1576778626

What is the name of the KBA article?  Maybe I can just search for it by name in the search there.  Thanks.