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Setting up Asus RT-N12HP Router as a Wireless Repeater

New Contributor
Unable to setup Asus RT-N12HP Router as a Wireless Repeater for a Leashed Ruckus Indoor AP.

- Asus router has been marked as known at the "Known/Recognized Rogue Devices" category.
- Getting an error message "Unable to get IP address" when connecting to the wireless repeater SSID

You should use the Asus Router as a Router, and set the Unleashed Master AP in Bridge Mode (not Gateway Mode). That way, your Asus router will provide IP addresses to all your Unleashed APs, clients, etc. You do not need to have multiple routers on your network, and the Asus router cannot be used as an Unleashed member AP, so the only way to use the router is to use it as a router, and let your Unleashed network (and all devices) get their IP addresses from your Asus router. 

Hope it helps!

New Contributor
Very true 
Once you understand the above explained part then you must need to setup Asus router. 
We are not going to waist your time for describing about router or why this occurs. Just Read for simple or perfect solution Asus Router login

Wireless routers are terribly simple to line up...
Steps to setup wireless router areas follows :-

-> Connect your router with any PC/Laptop exploitation local area network cable.
-> Open browser and sort within the address bar.
-> If it asks for username and secret enter as:-
Username - admin
secret - admin
-> The default setting page can open when pressing enter key.
-> set up your settings by following the directions provided.
-> Set a secret for security (WPA2) if you would like one.
-> Save your settings and exit the page.

By following the higher than mentioned steps you'll be able to set up any router no matter it's complete... Hope it helps... 🙂 🙂