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Set SSID passphrase by command line

New Contributor
There is a way to set the SSID passphrase by command line??

** Ruckus R310 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Rodrigo,

What version of code are you running on the AP?
Is this AP running as standalone or is it under control of a SZ, ZD or unleashed.
              If you make changes via AP CLI on a controlled AP these will get overwritten by the controller.

The basic command to set encryption key is:
set encryption wlanx  (note replace x with correct wlan interface number)

To determine which wlan interface to use first do: get wlanlist
Note there is a different interface for 2.4GHz (wlan0 -wlan8) and 5GHz (wlan32-wlan40)

This is a interactive command that you will need to provide multiple replies to set up each interface.

rkscli: set encryption wlan0
Wireless Encryption Type: [0] quit, [1] OPEN, [2] WEP, or [3] WPA
Wireless Encryption Type:  3
WPA Protocol Version: [0] quit, [1] WPA, [2] WPA2, or [3] AUTO
WPA Protocol Version: 2
WPA Authentication Type: [0] quit, [1] OPEN (PSK), [2] EAP (.1X), or [3] AUTO
WPA Authentication Type:  1
WPA Cipher Type: [0] quit, [1] TKIP, [2] AES-CCMP, or [3] AUTO
WPA Cipher Type:  2
WPA PassPhrase: "YouAreNotReal"
Enter A New PassPhrase [8-63 letters], or Press "Enter" to Accept :
WPA no error

To verify the present settings use
get encryption wlanx (replace x with correct wlan interface number)

Please note - it is much easier to configure standalone AP's using the WEB-UI. If the AP was previously managed by a controller you may need to enable this using the command: set https enable.

I hope this information is helpful,

Thanks for selecting Ruckus Networks products - a Commscope company

New Contributor
Great, Albert!

Exactly what i need,
and now i have an automate script to change ssid password every day!