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R730 using PoE Injectors are forced into client isolation

New Contributor II
So I was having trouble with R730 APs not getting enough power from my switch and had posted on here about the high drops and retries I was receiving. Anyway, I found some Vivotek PoE Injectors that provide up to 95W of power for the APs.

What is happening tho when I use these Vivotek injectors is that the Access Points basically go into client isolation mode, even tho the ZoneDirector is set with it disabled. We had some programs here that stopped working when I put the injectors in and would not connect to each others devices. I tried plugging the APs back into my switch and then everything started working.

So my question is, is there a bug somewhere or is there a setting that I need to change or am I just stuck using the APs from my switch. Thanks so much!

Valued Contributor II
That's very surprising -- PoE injectors shouldn't induce this sort of behavior (I have used TP-Link PoE+ injectors and the Ruckus GRT-000125A 60W ones to power the R720/R730 before).

I would suspect the injectors are doing something strange as far as passing through ethernet is concerned.

New Contributor II
Thats what I suspected as well, but these look like very simplistic injectors, so I wasn't sure if I was missing something obvious here or not! ha. Thanks for the reply!