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Max client on Wlan

New Contributor
Hi everyone.
I have a question about max number of client.
i have a network of 10 AP (4x7982 - 5xR300 - 1xR500) all driven by a ZD1106.
there are 3 WLAN running on the network
I set 400 client limit on each WLAN in the advanced option of the WLAN configuration
the biggest zone has 2x7982 and i'm having problems going over 200 concurrent clients in this space
I set max client per AP to 200.

Do you have any advice to help me going over 200 client on all the network

The ZD1106 is the DHCP server with 512 deliverable IP.

Contributor III
I know 7982 has a max clients of 100 per radio... so if you can do load balancing between the 2.4ghz and 5ghz band which will help.