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Segregate wireless clients to VLAN and Option 82 DHCP

New Contributor II
I have been having issues lately running out of ip addresses on my Windows Server 2012R2 DC because the wireless mobile devices are just too numerous. I would like to get all of the wireless traffic onto it's own VLAN and use Option 82 so that my DHCP server will hand out IP Addresses to the clients from a pool created specifically for the new VLAN. My current network is as follows.

VLAN 1 Default: 192.168.2.x/24
VLAN 10 Voice VLAN 10.10.10.x/24 (this is for my VoIP Phones/Devices
VLAN 20 WLAN 10.10.20.x/24 (I created this VLAN specifically to use with the wireless network)

I have HP Procurve L3 switches that I have created all the VLAN's on. 
I also have a Sonicwall firewall UTP that I created a virtual interface on using as the ip address VLAN 20 and bound that to the LAN interface.

I attempted to read through the admin guide and configure the Zone Director 1100 but just could not get any further for some reason as I am not sure exactly what the settings on the ZD1100 should be or what ports need to be tagged/untagged on the switches in order for this all to function correctly? Would someone be willing to walk me through this a little deeper so that I can get this working? I have setup the DHCP scope policy to use Relay Agent Information and enumerated the MAC Addresses of the AP's should I also enumerate the ZD1100 MAc Address too? Thank you for any and all assistance.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e3135b77e2478ccde5_9f076d6e8790944b04de60bf8a08ae60_RackMultipart2017072890228xq37-055d4684-d2d3-4753-8214-73c4bd45286d-385904190.JPG1501255543

New Contributor III
Hi Michael,

Sorry for my delayed response... My Ruckus emails were getting caught in the SPAM filter.

You can put the ZD and the AP's on the same VLAN or they can be on different VLANS. That is the reason for DHCP option 43; it tells the AP's where to find the ZD.

As for your other DHCP question, when you use VLANS and the ip helper-address command together, DHCP is smart enough to know what address pool to use. I use VLANS in almost 99% of all environments and have never had to use option 82.

If you are using a single wireless VLAN, then I would put the AP and the ZP on the same one (ie VLAN 30). They would both be UNTAGGED on their own ports. 

If you use 2 VLANS (ie one for typical WIFI access and another for guest access) you can put the ZD and the AP's on VLAN 30 (UNTAGGED on those ports) and then create a nother VLAN, such as 31, and then use the TAGGED command on the AP port so tat the ports pass VLAN 30 as the default VLAN and VLAN 31 as a "passthrough". The main SSID will keep the default VLAN ID in the ZD (1) and then the guest SSID you will change the VLAN ID to 31.

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You mention in previous post to add IP address of the ZD to the server option #43.  Option #43 on windows DHCP is "vendor specific info".  No place to put an IP address in that option.  Can you clarify?  Thanks.

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On the left hand side (ASCII) put in the IP address of the Zone Director

Image_ images_messages_5f91c439135b77e2479cb932_7bbb667d57e5c1b8d14326a73b72de9b_RackMultipart201708091163001y5-1ab44d6d-6987-438e-814c-cb509a513d06-1799650345.JPG1502318061 

New Contributor III
Thanks for the screen shot.