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SSID per computer lab

New Contributor II
Hello everyone,

We recently purchased R700 APs for our computer laboratories, completely wire free. One AP will be installed per lab and an extra, if deemed necessary. A unique (hidden) SSID will be exclusively assigned per lab, that is, no computer, when transferred, can't connect to the SSID on the next computer lab relative to the MAC addresss of the attached Wi-Fi dongle. The dongle is capable to operate on 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies.

We configured the link to operate on 5 GHz (only) and on different channels for CCI avoidance.

Question: Is the ZoneDirector capable of identifying and manage the authorized MAC address of the Wi-Fi dongle exclusively for the assigned AP? If not, do we need a AAA server for MAC recognition?

We moved on to deploy such plan on the first com lab and it turned out right.

The second com lab turned out different. We were only able to connect one PC. The rest didn't.

Question: Any factors that the rest of the PCs didn't connect knowing that these are assigned to one specific SSID?

We kept up on the deployment for the rest of the com labs yet still no linked to the AP.

Per AP was configured to allow 30 clients per lab.

Anyway, any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Aho,

Q1: ZD is capable of identifying the client by its MAC address which can be configured through L2 ACL. You cannot configure this per AP as this is a ZD managed network. However you can restrict the MAC addresses per SSID by tagging the L2 ACL on it(Allowing/Denying MAC addresses of the clients). You can have only 128 MAC addresses per any ACL and only one ACL can be tagged to one SSID. If you want more, please go with an external Radius server.

Please check the user guide of the ZD for more details regarding configuration!

Q2 : I am not sure what is the configuration of your SSID which made the rest of the PCs not to connect.. Check if you have any access restrictions configured on the SSID like L2/L3 ACL.

- Anusha Vemula

New Contributor II
Case closed.

Solution: One SSID for all computer labs. Using DPSK per PC will also help. We managed to run 28 PCs on one AP with the two remaining on the other AP of the next lab.