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Is it possible to convert ZoneFlex R500 to Unleashed ? Any instructions ?

New Contributor II
I was wondering if it is possible to convert regular ZoneFlex R500 AP to Unleashed firmware. I was not able to find any instructions on how to do it.

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, but it's not recommended because if you ever need an RMA you'll get another ZoneFlex firmware (matching) replacement.

Here are the Support site knowledge base articles to convert both ways for evaluation testing purposes.

Is it possible to convert regular R500/R600 to Unleashed and vice versa?
How to upgrade standalone AP thru FTP or local option
Can I convert an Unleashed AP to a ZoneFlex Standalone mode AP?

New Contributor II
Thank you very much for the reply. I heard that if you convert R500 to Unleashed it can not be converted back. Has anyone tried this?

Valued Contributor II

Unleashed R500 AP hardware is same as Controller R500 AP hardware. There is no restriction as such that if you convert R500 to unleash, it can't be brought back to standard AP.

Valued Contributor II
I've definitely tried doing this in both directions before with a R600.